Want 2022 to beYour Best Christmas Ever? 
If Keeping Christ in Your Christmas is Your WHAT Then This is Your HOW!
Christmas is a Season Not a Day and it Begins... December 25, Jesus's Birthday!

How an Itunes Song, an Amazon EBook, and an Etsy EOrnament Kit, will transform your celebration and bring you the gift of peace this Christmas!

  • Bring the joy of Christmas to life with four faith inspiring craft projects!
  • ​Turn 12 hours of merrymaking into 12 days of joyful and peaceful celebration!
  • ​Make Christmas more memorable by making meaningful DIY ornaments and votives!
  • ​We provide the printables you simply provide your choice of bulbs, card stock, votive candleholders, decoupage, paint brushes, ribbon, glitter, any other embellishments and of course your creativity!
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Why I Had to write this song & book and create the ornament kit, in a word... TRANSFORMATION


Being an American Mom in the late 90's, I had gotten swept up in the vision of a perfect Halmark Christmas, perfect children, perfect christmas cards, a perfect meal, perfect Christmas tree, perfect decorations and perfect gifts for my whole family... all in ONE day.

What was I thinking... I had mistakenly conflated perfection with love. Need-less-to say at the end I was exhausted, overspent, sad by disappointing someone I loved and wondering if I had really taught my children about the birth of the Savior, the Prince of Peace. I know for sure I did not model the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Keeping Christ in Chrismtas is a great thing to say.... but HOW. Our Super Sacred feast day has been totally Secularized. Today I offer you the HOW to keep Christ in Christmas remedy...

Being American/Irish, growing up in a Jesuit parish and being the mother of 3 children we were trying to teach the faith, I wanted to know more, I wanted to know how to get off the Chaotic Christmas merry-go-round and experience God more deeply in our family life…. so I began researching.

In Christmas of 1999 we received a letter from our Parish Priest, father Russ S.J., may he rest in peace. I was so excited and interested in what he had to say about the 12 Days of Christmas being a code, most likely written by a “wiley Jesuit” from Ireland.

Again, I began researching and the only resource I could find that referenced this code was created by 2 lovely protestant women and it was a digital download for $19.99. I wondered how they were going to handle the tragic Penal years, the time the original song was most likely written. The creators called this tragic period of Christendom a time of Holy wars, well there was nothing Holy about this period of persecution, as witnessed by the lives of the Irish Martyrs. In addition, persecution is not a war, nor is it Holy.

Reluctantly, I bought the digital download packet, it was a true labor of love by the creators, it had crafts and prayers for every day of Christmas. I was a little overwhelmed because it felt like lots of easy steps to a perfect Christmas. This got me thinking about how we were celebrating Christmas as a family, how could we simply refocus our attention on the gifts of God to celebrate more fully.

Then it hit me... start with the song... so I did, I along with the help of my family wrote the lyrics to "Our Father Gave To Us the 12 Days of Christmas. Then the challenge to live it came in.

No matter how hard I planned, shopped or tried I always came up short, exhausted, disappointed someone and oh yeah.... over spent our budget.

Producing Christmas for your family is almost another full time job, especially if you are attention deficit challenged like me.

This is where the meaningful transformation came into my life and our lives.

If Christmas is truly a season that begins on Jesus's Birthday, after observing and preparing during Advent, then celebrating it had to be more than 12 hours of frenzied Merry Making.

Celebrating Christmas all 12 Days, gave me a gift, for the first time as a mother, I was able to enter more deeply into the spiritual reality that we were celebrating the birth of the prince of peace because including God's gifts of faith shifted our family focus ! Getting off the manic madison avenue merry-go-round was a relief.


First I found controversy, you can’t prove it the NY times said to the priest who found the 17th century letters in the Georgetown library while researching his doctoral thesis in the early 1960’s. Not true cried SNOPES, because Protestants and Catholics basically believe the same thing, ( ignorance of history is bliss…).

Then I found Father Stockert and had the opportunity to interview him in person. To clarify there is an error. Father Stockert's first name is Harold not Hallard as the reporter calls him. He reviewed the finished video and did not correct the mistake. His choice.

Right now the 12 Days of Christmas is known as an English nursery ryhme of sorts and the earliest publish date is______. If we ever locate the letters Father Stockert says he found we will be able to prove it was an Irish song, written by a wylie Jesuit (maybe just maybe one of my ancestors : ) ) . For now the controversy over the authentication of the 12 Days of Christmas song as we know it as a Code, written by Catholics during a period of tragic persecution will not be resolved until we find the letters Father Stockert said he found in the early 60’s. In the mean time I have written a song to match the probable code and have transformed our family’s Christmas celebration for generations. Hopefully you and your family will be blessed by also "Living The Twelve Days!"

Grab Your Digital Song, Book and Ornament Kit Bundle HERE Plus special bonuses only offered now!

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Who Is This Offer For?

  • Christians who want to "Keep Christ in Christmas" by focusing on God's gifts to us the entire season
  • ​Anyone who wants to celebrate more and spend less
  • ​Anyone who likes to create D.I.Y heirloom ornaments, gift tags, & Christmas candles
  • Anyone who loves to gather with family and friends to craft and make wonderful memories
  • Anyone who loves Christmas and Christ!

Check Out These Amazon and Etsy 5 Star Reviews and fun crafting photo gallery!

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Our exclusive bundle, only found here includes:

Mp3 Song from Itunes, EBook from Amazon
30 Page D.I.Y Ornament Kit from Etsy
Hearth Pennant Banner (add your own sizzle)
All You Need to have hours of faith filled family fun!

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Hours of family memory making in one Ornament Kit!

About Me...

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Rebecca Even

Hi My name is Rebecca. I am an author, speaker, song writer but not singer and floral designer . (more on that later). My favorite self-description is a lyric written by one of my favorite singers Marie Bellet “ I am just an ordinary sinner wondering what to cook for dinner". oh and I have really bad ADD too. : ) I have been told I am an evangelist as I will share something about Jesus, Mary or the Saints with anyone who will listen. My prayer is that the work I share here will inspire us both to walk closer with Christ, his Mother and Saints on our journey through this valley of tears.

Pax y Bien,
Rebecca Even

PS: A beautiful prayer:
Prayer of St.Francis of Assis before the Cross of San Damiano:

Most High and Glorious God, bring light into the darkness of my heart. Give me right faith, certain hope and perfect charity, insight and wisdom, so I can always observe your holy and true command. Amen

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From our family to yours hope you have
"Your BEST Christmas Ever!"

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Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your bundle we will refund your money IN FULL!

So, what are you waiting for?! This is completely risk-free... If you think there might be the slightest chance that this could restore the sanity to the season, stop procrastinating and click the button below to get started on this journey together!

We are here to help you recover and restore the sanctity of the season!

Peace and Blessings,

Digital Version of Song, Book & Ornament Kit

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Exclusive Bonus Banner

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We Are So Blessed To Say That This Bundle Has Enriched The Lives Of Countless Faithful Families!

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If for any reason I don't like the program, how do I get a refund?

Send an email to Rebecca@BestChristmasEver.Life within the first 30 days of purchase. Please include your reason for seeking a refund, and if you have downloaded the content and used it, please honor our small ministry.

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